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Care Canada Enterprise is a family owned and operated business.

We specialize in a vast array of services and adhere to all operating rules under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Note: Link opens in new window.

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Enter our Immigration Website. You will find all the information you need regarding Immigration matters and the services we provide.
Enter our Consulting Website. Hire our services in Engeering Consultation for all your sustainable development and solutions.
Enter our Learning Website. We have a well equiped team of professional, highly-qualified teachers who can help you reach your learning goals.
Enter our IT Support Website. We provide services in IT of all sort.
Enter our Catering Website. We provide catering for events of any size.
Enter our Match Making Website. We can help you find that special one.
Enter our Cosmetics Website. Meet our professional beauticans for all your cosmetic needs.
Enter our Fashion Website. We always have new arrivals come in, and strive to present the best clothing out there.
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